Your independent Asian family office

At Stamford-Privée, you receive personal service focused only on how to best reach your goals. Our open architecture approach means we don't offer any proprietary products or receive compensation or commissions from managers or funds. Our recommendations and advice to you are based on buildizzng a relationship and understanding your vision for the future. We are your steadfast advocates in all we do.

Unique among wealth management firms, our approach focuses on Wealth BluePrinThink™. This means we offer services differently, including:

  • Business transition planning
  • Financial, wealth and estate planning
  • Trust and fiduciary services
  • Wealth preservation and generational transfer
  • Family business services
  • Client education programs

Transferring your financial assets from one generation to another raises issues unique to your family and your circumstances, such as legacy definition, estate planning and philanthropic planning.

Creating a vision for the future you'd like to see is the launching point for Wealth BluePrinThink™. By developing a definition of your legacy and then implementing the tools to support that legacy, you can create a culture of Wealth BluePrinThink™ for your family.

To support your future vision, we provide services that meet your unique needs including:

  • Estate planning to ensure that your wishes are carried out.
  • Mentoring and educating your family members to be good owners of wealth. In a greater effort to serve the needs here we established our own Stamford Wealth Academy.
  • Philanthropic planning to benefit the issues and causes that are important to you.
  • Establishing and administering trusts from a simple irrevocable trust to a more complex, generation skipping trust so that your wealth continues to serve your family's goals for generations to come.
  • Transferring wealth to your children, your grandchildren or to other family members.

The brochure is available here.